Juggling the Chaos of Recovery

Why Danielle Eisenach-Reichel switched to Shaklee vitamins after Lap Band surgery

November 25, 2020

My client and friend Danielle Eisenach-Reichel sits down with me today to talk openingly about her struggle weight health and her weight after her Lap band surgery. We met at a networking event many years ago and we connected because of some concerns she was having about her health after her surgery. If you are looking for why switching brands of supplements  can make a difference , this episode is for you. 

Many times we look for something quick to help yet you will hear today that with some guidance and support, you can make some natural choices and show up feeling great each day. And it's one day at a time. Grab some tissues! We shed a few tears in this one too. 

So grateful for my friendship with Danielle and that she shared her story today. 

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