Juggling the Chaos of Recovery

Wellness Wednesday: Real talk with Mark Ramirez: I am a nobody who became somebody because of Shaklee

March 10, 2021

Today on wellness Wednesday I have the pleasure to sit down and talk with Mark Ramirez, a man I have met through my work with the  Shaklee Corporation.  You will be inspired by Mark's love of life and running. After an accident that left him burned over much of his body, he started to run to stay active, in shape and healthy. That has lead to a life of running , marathons as well as having the privilege of 'test marketing' to an extent the Shaklee sports nutrition products as they were being developed. We talk mindset, life, the commitment to quality that Shaklee takes each day, why he was given his own parking space at Shaklee and how he humbly says he is a nobody who became somebody because of Shaklee. 

You will love our conversation as much as I did. 

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Curious about the heritage of Shaklee and the involvement with the Olympians , visit the athletes site. 


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