Juggling the Chaos of Recovery

Wellness Wednesday: Plant Based Eating. A chat with Betsy Bruns, Food advocate and Wellness Educator

September 16, 2020

Betsy Bruns and I sit down for a chat about Plant based eating. She shares so much great knowledge and tidbits that I was so inspired. Betsy has her own story and her own journey which led her to the plant based eating life that she lives and educates on. We both share our passion for helping others live healthier lives by making smart health choices 

Using an innovative “forks and fingertips” approach by combining the power of plant-based nutrition and EFT tapping, Betsy guides others in making daily choices that enrich your life and assist in preventing or reversing disease.

Guiding and inspiring clients to shift their behavior to healthier habits by first meeting them where they are at, and then co-creating step-by-step changes. This can be done person-to-person or in a group dynamic.

Whether working with clients individually or teaching Food For Life workshops in community or corporate settings, Betsy helps  busy people get nourished, thrive and flourish on a plant-based diet.

Try out the 

Betsy Bruns at http://vegsetter.com/

or betsy@vegsetter.com


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