Juggling the Chaos of Recovery

Wellness Wednesday: Dr. Kris Sargent: Functional Medicine Specialist: The Body has the ability to heal itself

February 10, 2021

Kris and I sit down to talk about how we truly do have the power to feel better and heal ourselves. Dr. Kris Sargent is a Functional Medicine Specialist, Chiropractor and Best Selling Author. She knows how to live well and teaches others to do that. We talk about the importance of how to move to wellness by paying attention to what we put in ourselves, on ourselves and around ourselves. 

The premise of her book Simply Functional Medicine is about the what we Eat, Drink, Move, Sleep, think and Feel. We have a great discussion about all of that and you are going to want to listen. 

Kris is a good friend and someone who has so much knowledge and passion for getting to the root of what is going on in order to help us be well. 


We do mention Shaklee products and you can find these products on my website pws.shaklee.com/moyragorski

You can find Dr Kris at her site. RestorYou.com


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