Juggling the Chaos of Recovery

Wellness Wednesday: Chris Bartholomew joins me in conversation about running and nutrition and life and so much more.

December 23, 2020

My time with my business and my partnership with Shaklee I have met some awesome people. Chris Bartholomew is no exception. He is currently The Eastern Regional Sales director yet has been involved in our incentive trips quite a bit. And I've noticed that he is an avid runner. Not just a few miles but many miles that he puts in during the weeks.

I am privileged  that he sat down with me for a conversation about running and his travels and what running gives to him. And then a neat discover he made about hydration after one hot day. 

The thoughts he shares at the end are so good for running and exercise and really life. 

1. Make a decision : Just start, once you do the inertia keeps you going. 

2. Have Fun!! Love that. We need to do things to bring us joy and fun. 

You will also learn in this episode why we both choose Shaklee as our brand of wellness products and why a host of Olympic athletes do as well. 

Chris is the most knowledgable about the Shaklee Pure Performance Line and you will learn a lot from him today. 

So grateful for this time with Chris. I really enjoyed it and had fun learning more about Chris. 


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