Juggling the Chaos of Recovery

Wellness Wednesday: Bill Roy, 1996 Olympic Athlete joins the conversation of setting goals, making plans and getting out of our own way

December 16, 2020

Bill Roy is an Olympic Athlete and was in the Atlanta games of 1996. He competed in International Skeet Shooting. With my involvement with Shaklee I have been able to meet Bill and learn from his experiences of life and athletic. He is the Program Director of the Shaklee Pure Performance Team of Olympic athletes. 

I am honored to be able to share his story and share the microphone during this conversation 

He shares what he learned during his rise to the Olympics, through the Air Force Academy. The importance of a plan, getting support, being ambitious and much more. 

We talk about Shaklee products that help both of us build our health and sustain our health. 

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Life Shake is a clean protein that is a perfect breakfast food or after workout protein shake 

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Thank you for joining me today Bill Roy. It was a thrill. 


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