Juggling the Chaos of Recovery

We Do Better when we Know better: Passionate Interview with JD Ouellette, Peer Coach and mom of a daughter recovered from AN.

April 10, 2020

Today I welcome JD Ouellette, a professional education who now works in the eating disorders field as an Expert by Experience, through her business, JD Ouellette Peer Choaching. 

I met JD through a FB support group and have come to respect her as a resource and a gal that has helped me a lot. 

In 2012 the youngest of JD's four children developed  anorexia nervosa and she and her husband experience the pain and feeling of being overwhelmed that follow any devestating medical diagnosis. They quickly realized they were extremely lucky to be able to access state-of-the art treatment at the UC San Diego Center for Eating Disorder Tretment and reserach and had excellent care that focused as much on training them to support revoery for the long term as it did in providing care for their daughter. 

Their duagher and their family's journey was not easy or short and it was successful. 

JD began to provide support foher caregivers through her memebership in the UCSD PArent Advisory Council and in online forums and began attedning professional conferences. 

She is a Co-founder of World Eating Disorder Action Day, speaks regularly at conference and is a board member of F.E.A.S.T. 

JD is best know for her "Full Metal Apron" approach to fighting eating disroders and her motto that one "must see the Beast toe slay the Beast." 

Find her on her website for all the resources that she provides. 

JD Ouellette 


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