Juggling the Chaos of Recovery

VIvian Livanos: In a fog of ED for 20 years and finally embraced recovery so to be alive and an example for her sister

October 2, 2020

Vivian Livanos sits down with me today to share her 20 year journey through her eating disorder. She is full of wisdom and insight for all that she learned during this time. She was in a fog and now woken up to adulthood. 

The 3 contributing factors for her struggle were 

1. former figure skater 

2. First born American to foreign parents. 

3. Major event in juniors year of high school that took her away from her passion and identity. 

Listen in. This is a good one. 

The 2 books mentioned at 

1. Wasted: by Marayra Hornbacher 

2. Reviving Orphelia: Dr. Mary Pipher 


Vivian is a Change agent now and working to help others in mentoring girls and women who are still in their struggle. 

You can find her 


LInked in: 



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