Juggling the Chaos of Recovery

Trying to figure out how to be ok: Laura Nosek Sander , Yogi and friend and wise women shares about emptiness and disconnection and what she found to fill up that empty spot inside.

December 4, 2020

Laura Nosek Sander is the first who introduced me to Yoga and that feeling of being still and present. I practiced with her many years and have learned so much from her wise soul 

Her story of her addictions and learning about how disconnected and empty she felt lead her to a realization that that emptiness could only be filled by God. She learned that the skinny girls got the love. She has taught me to embrace the stillness and to look to the mind for our solutions. 

She shares about books: 

The Big Book 

The Universe has your back : Dawson Church 

Return to Love : Marianne Williamson 

and many by Gabby Bernstein. 

You can find her on You-Tube at Harmony Lab. 

You can find her website filled with knowledge , workshops and so much more at 

The Harmony Lab 


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