Juggling the Chaos of Recovery

The impact that Stress can have on your health: Audrey Weidman shares how stress caused her to have a heart attack.

November 18, 2020

Audrey will tell you that she was one of the healthiest people she knew some 4 years ago. Yet she found herself having experienced a heart attack and learned that the major factor that impacted her health was her stress level. Audrey shares that journey with you today. 

And she shares 3 things that have helped her so much . 

1. Pay Attention

2. Breathe 

3. Yin Yoga 

As many have as a result of her struggle and health challenge, she has gone on to learn how to master stress and is dedicated to helping others do the same thing. 

I know you will love this episode and learn so much that you can start doing today to decrease your stress in your life or at least manage it better. 

Audrey Weidman's credentials: 

Licensed StressMaster International Associate
Certified Stress Mastery Educator – American Institute of Stress Positive Prime Professional
Certified BrainTrainer
+HeartMath Facilitator
M.B.A. Marketing Research – University of WI – Madison
B.S. Food Science – University of WI – Madison

You can find her at https://www.audreyweidman.com/




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