Juggling the Chaos of Recovery

Ruth Day:Shares about the masks she wore and how she showed up for many year before she sought sobriety. And We talk a lot of yoga

October 9, 2020

My friend Ruth Day sits down , with Picasso her bird on her shoulder to share about her story of addiction . Many time she walked in to a room wondering which mask to where. And the idea that she might have a drinking problem and might repeat some of her generational patterns was not what she expected. 

As the lotus flower is.....having to get through the muck and mud to bloom....Ruth has been through her fair share of the muck and mud. 

Ruth is a dear friend who can go deep about all the things and one of them is yoga today. She has taught me so much about what coming to the mat is all about and how it can truly be a healing place. Settle in . We have a nice chat 


Ruth Day : a  Reflector - Artist - Yogi - all round Zen Bitch


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