Juggling the Chaos of Recovery

Mental health challenges does not mean you are flawed or broken: An interview with Maris Degener from YOgamaris.com

May 8, 2020

Maris Degener came to the practice of yoga seven years ago as a method of healing her body, spirit and soul from an eating disorder that took over her life as a young teenager. Today Maris has recently graduated from the Uniersity of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in psychology and is passionate about staying in conversation of mental wellness , social justince and building community. Maris writes at yogamaris.net and shares maore stories on Instagram at @yogamaris. 

She wrote a beautiful documentary that is a true depiction of struggle and recovery and how yoga came into Maris' life. It is called I am Maris and you will find the link to on on her website. https://www.yogamaris.net/

Yoga brought comfort to her imperfection. She talks about shame and learning how to honor compassion and curiosity. 



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