Juggling the Chaos of Recovery

Marelda Rodrigues: Grief shows up in many forms and can impact our health.In her massage work Marelda helps other move beyond Grief

November 13, 2020

Marelda joins me today to share about grief. Grief shows up in different forms, not just when we lose a parent or family member in death. Massage therapy became her part time job and you will learn how massage therapists can sense what is going on in the body when grief is happening. The body is fascinating and emotions are stored there. I know you will love the conversation we have today and learn so much about emotions and feeling and grief and more. 


Marelda is a Grief massage therapist and Functional medicine Coach. 
Marelda  helps  men and women who are struggling with the impact of grief on their health and want to feel better. They want to wake up feeling relief from the cloud of grief that looms over them. They want to get through their day feeling lighter with hope and focus. They want to re-engage with those they love and get back to some structure and routine so they feel in control.

Through her signature Grief Massage Experience™ and grief specific wellness coaching, my clients feel comforted, hopeful and empowered to explore possibilities with courage, so that they can honor their loss, and find the strength to continue their lives feeling whole and optimistic.

Her  offerings include:

-> Grief Massage Experience™ (Chicago only)
-> Private coaching
-> Half or full day intensives

-> Staff lunch & learn programs

-> Corporate Wellness programs

-> Leadership retreat facilitation

-> Speaking & keynote presentations

You can connect with Marelda with a no obligation call :



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