Juggling the Chaos of Recovery

Justin Brien: Turning his history to his future and his pain into his purpose.

August 20, 2021

Justin Brien, mental health advocate, motivational speaker and Life Coach joins me today. A great guy, hockey player and dad from Canada shares his story of addiction and depression. Many years of struggle to be seen and liked lead to years of covering up the pain with substances. 

And then one day he decided to turn his history into his future and his pain into his purpose. He found his Why and now lives a life of helping others while he shares his story. 

Shame and guilt filled him. It's hard to get over all of that. 

This is a deep and juicy discussion about so many things and parts of recovery: concussions, meds, hockey, natural vitamins, discovering your why and purpose. 

And know that if you live in your past  you can't create your own future 

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