Juggling the Chaos of Recovery

Jada Butler: Choices and fear and our limited beliefs as Jada helps others live their best life.

December 10, 2021

Jada Butler joins me today for some real talk about mental health and how she found a way to help others. She has a wonderful Soul Vie Sole business where she leverages both her  medical background and mental health training to bring a safe, science-based wellness instruction designed with the latest research and evidence-based practices available. 

Have you had the fears of not being good enough or doing enough? 

Leaning into the hard points of life is where we can grow and change. Awareness of what we are experiencing is a process to change. 

A great conversation about all this and so much more. 

Jada is an athlete, personal trainer,  a Physicians Assistant as well as a Masters prepared professional counselor in Mental health. She practices locally but also has an online  supporting others who are looking to push past fear and step into their best life. 

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I hope you enjoy our conversation. 
And if you or anyone you know is need of help with their mental health, reach out to Jada or go to your local ER. 


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