Juggling the Chaos of Recovery

Happy new Year:Repost from 2020: Start, Stop and continue

January 6, 2021

Happy new year.

As I as beginning my podcast journey last year, I recorded an episode about an exercise that my daughter told me about. I loved it as a way to step into a new year and think you will to. 

Take some time to think about this. 

As you head into 2021, I encourage you to do this exercise. And don't worry you wont sweat . What will you Stop this year, What will you Start this year and what will you continue. 
I was thrilled to start this podcast in 2020 and so appreciate all your support . 

I'm excited to share my new thought around this new year on a later episode. 

In the mean time, listen in and do it. 

And share with me what your plans are. 

Text me or share in the FB Juggling the Chaos of Recovery Tribe group. You will see the connections below. 

Happy New year. 


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