Juggling the Chaos of Recovery

EFT and how it helped Eric Almeida recover from panic attacks and agoraphobia and how he is helping others today

March 19, 2021

Eric Almeida an Emotional Healing Expert and podcaster joins me today to talk about how he learned about EFT. Panic attacks started to take over at his work place and gratefully a colleague introduced him to this method of healing.  EFT or Emotional freedom technique is a form of working through your emotions in a unique way. You may have heard about it  as tapping. You will learn a lot in this episode about emotions. It's important work that Eric does. 

EFT is a proven technique that gently and permanently releases emotional pain, self-limiting beliefs and negative thoughts. EFT involves tapping on 10 different pressure points using your own hands and can often eliminate emotional pain as quickly as one session. This technique is much faster than traditional talk therapy alone. It is a vessel to help others heal. 

It targets the meridian points that are part of the Chinese medicine. Tapping helps to calm the flight , fight or freeze response to emotions or memories. You will learn how this powerful technique works and can be truly life changing. Big or little T trauma, anxiety and memories that we all go through in life, in recovery can be helped through this modality.  Eric offered me a free session and we talk through that experience as well. I know you will enjoy this episode. 

More about Eric:

The jarring experience of a panic attack reconnected him with a therapist who specialized in EFT. Many months of emotional healing later, Eric recovered from the panic attack and began to embrace his true calling. The EFT work not only healed his wounds but reignited his passion and drive to help others.

Eric embraced the gift that the panic attack gave him and aimed his efforts towards becoming an EFT practitioner. He obtained his EFT practitioner certification through EFT International. His continued goal is to guide people so that they can connect with their true calling in life. And as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, he recognizes the importance of ensuring those in his community have a safe and caring healer at their disposal.

*****Special offer for podcast listeners: Book a session with Eric today and receive a discount today by entering the code Juggling. 

His website:  https://www.ericeft.com/



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