Juggling the Chaos of Recovery

Dreams do come true through hard work,working on yourself and following God’s lead: Marilu Serano shares her Shaklee story

September 9, 2020

Today many peoples dreams have been shattered. Yet there is still hope and there are still way to work on your dreams and keep them alive. 

Today I bring you a dear friend and colleague Marilu who has owned a Shaklee business for over 30 years. Her humble beginnings as a young women working, no car, no money yet someone shared with her something that could help her health. She was willing to try. That introduced her to a world of entrepreneurship and helping others. She shares from the heart how this business is not an easy one, one that you need to work harder on yourself than anything. And she is unapologetic about how this is an opportunity that can make your dreams come true. Having faith and following your heart can make it happen. 

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