Juggling the Chaos of Recovery

Believing that with a goal of weight loss that her life would magically be different: Real talk with Lindsey Antman: owner & Founder of Mind Body Kitchen

June 19, 2020

Lindsey Antman joins me today for some real talk about food and our bodies and our mindful connection to them. 

Her struggles were real and she shares it all. And through all that she learned, she is now helping others. She founded Mind Body Kitchen as a way to help others with their struggles around food. She was also trained with The Institue for the Psychology of Eating and her approach follows this leading edge approach that was cultivated by Mark David. 

Lindsey has so much wisdom to share and I know you will find great value. if you are looking for a refreshing point of view on body image, food and why we think and do that things we do, listen in. 

Her Bio includes : 

Certified 200 Hour Hot yoga Fusion yoga teacher 

Yoga Scult Instructor from Core Power

Registered Nutrition and Dietetics Technician 

BS in Nutrition and Dietetics 

Over All beautiful soul. 

Visit her website at Mind Body Kitchen. 


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